Aggressive DUI Defense Lawyers in Easton, Allentown and Bethlehem
In Pennsylvania, the penalties associated with a drunk driving arrest will vary based upon your blood alcohol level and whether you have had any previous drinking and driving convictions. Almost all driving under the influence offenses carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence, but there are often programs available that can work to eliminate the prison sentence or provide for an alternative, such as house arrest or work release. These programs can often help to reduce your license suspension as well.

These programs vary between the Lehigh County DUI Program, the Monroe County DUI Program and the Northampton County DUI Program. All counties offer ARD as a first offense option, but requirements for admittance differ greatly. For example, Northampton County requires waiver of the preliminary hearing for entry in the Northampton County DUI ARD Program. Counties vary much more greatly on programs for subsequent offenses. For example, a conviction of second offense DUI in Northampton County has mandatory jail time but the same conviction for DUI in Lehigh County will likely not require jail time. As these varying programs have different benefits, conditions and requirements it is advisable to contact the best DUI lawyer in Lehigh, Monroe or Northampton County that you can find. Contact our Easton DUI law firm immediately in order intelligently weigh your options. DUI penalties are serious. Don’t go unrepresented.