Easton, Allentown & Bethlehem Child Support Lawyers
A custodial parent is entitled to child support until the child graduates from school or reaches the age of 18, whichever occurs later. If the child suffers from a serious mental or physical condition, the non-custodial parent may be liable for a longer period of time. The amount of support due in a Pennsylvania child support case is based upon the monthly earning capacity or net (after taxes) income of both parents.

How Is Income Determined based on PA Child Support Laws?

Income for Pennsylvania support purposes includes:

• Wages
• Salaries
• Overtime pay
• Commissions
• Bonuses
• Interest
• Rental income
• Retirement income
• Social Security retirement or disability payments
• Workers’ compensation
• Unemployment compensation
• Income from an interest in a business
• Entitlements to lump sum awards such as lottery winnings

Other Income and unemployed parents
If a parent has “under the table” or unreported income, this may be considered in support calculations. If a person does not have any income, but is capable of working, the parent may be assessed with an earning capacity that is equivalent to what that person could earn given their education, skills and prior employment history. Furthermore, in rare cases, illicit income and bartered services may even be considered.

Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines
PA child support laws require Domestic Relations and the Family Courts to apply the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines to determine the amount of support payable to the custodial parent for the benefit of the child. The PA Child Support Guidelines are formulas that consider the parents’ income, the number of children by each parent, and other factors. In addition to the Pennsylvania Support Guideline amount, an order for child support may also require payment of a portion of other costs such as medical coverage for the dependent children, medical expenses not covered by insurance, and day care costs incurred while the custodial parent is working or going to school.