Speeding Tickets & Traffic Court Lawyers in Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton, Pennsylvania
The loss of driving privileges can be life changing. It can affect your career, your personal life, and your overall feeling of liberty. To protect against license suspension, do what others have done: rely on the trusted advice of an experienced Lehigh Valley Traffic Attorney. Whether you’re contesting a simple speeding ticket or charged with DUI or facing vehicular homicide charges, our experienced DUI and traffic lawyers are here to assist you.

Your Lehigh Valley traffic ticket defense lawyer.
If not properly handled, traffic tickets can result in the loss of driving privileges, serious consequences for your career and, in some cases, even jail time. Trust the defense of your violations to an experienced traffic ticket lawyer who understands just how important your license is to you, and who knows what to do to help you keep PennDOT from taking it.

Some of the Traffic Court Cases Handled by Our Lehigh Valley Law Firm

Red-light Tickets – 3112(a)(3)(i)
Stop Sign Tickets -3323(b)
Speeding Tickets – 3362(c)(1)(i) (VASCAR Speeding Ticket Defense Calculator Tool)
Careless Driving – 3714(a)
Driving Under Suspension – 1543(a)
Driving Under Suspension – DUI Related – 1543(b)
Driving Under the Influence – 1547/3802

What to do first if you receive a ticket
If you are in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton or the surrounding area and have been cited for a serious traffic violation, it is important that you figure out how to navigate the court system quickly. Our traffic lawyers handle all varieties of tickets. Most traffic tickets are considered summary offenses. Once you pay the fine, you have admitted guilt. There are likely potential defenses against the violation, and your ticket and the circumstances surrounding it should be reviewed immediately by a local motor vehicles violations attorney. Our Traffic Citation Attorneys are committed to seeking the best possible outcome in your traffic violation case.

Protect your drivers license by hiring the attorneys who care.
Many traffic offenses will have serious repercussions on your life if they are not defended robustly. These include specific moving violations such as careless driving, speeding, leaving the scene of an accident, running red lights and driving while under suspension. The points system can lead to losing your legal right to drive, and some traffic violations will have penalties that include jail or prison time. If you have been charged with driving under suspension you should contact our traffic attorneys immediately as incarceration for these offenses in Pennsylvania is a real, and sometimes mandatory possibility.

How can an experienced traffic lawyer help you?
Our Traffic Lawyers know how important it is to be able to use your vehicle. We defend individuals facing charges related to all types of moving violations, including leaving the scene, driving while under suspension and DUIs. Traffic ticket lawyers are experts in taking action to help you protect your license.

The Pennsylvania point system, promulgated by PennDOT, makes it relatively easy to lose your driver’s license, which can lead to higher insurance costs when you have it restored. Our license retention experts are here to help you understand the consequences of traffic violations, and vigorously fight for your license. We are traffic ticket attorneys who handle cases in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Jim Thorpe, Stroudsburg and other outlying areas.